Frequently Asked Questions

What does Children First Offer?

We provide individualized services to families with children from birth to 6 years of age who are at risk for or who are experiencing developmental or mental health challenges.

What are some examples of individual services?

Children are individuals. They develop at their own pace and in their own way. Some of the services offered may include:

  • Speech and Language Services
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Counselling
  • Seminars and Groups on a variety of parenting topics
  • Consultation and Coaching
  • Child Care Centre Consultation
  • Assessments
What would a development or mental health challenge look like?

As the parent/caregiver of your child, we know that you are the greatest observer of your child’s development.

At Children First we believe in the F-word’s: Function, Family, Fitness, Fun, Friends, and Future.

    • Function: What your child can do and what he/she might do differently.
    • Family: You know your child best. We will listen to you and work as partners.
    • Fitness: Every child needs to be fit and healthy as they grow.
    • Friends: Friendships and a sense of belonging is important.
    • Fun: Children learn and grown through play.
    • Future: Together we will set the foundation for your child’s future.

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Do you charge for your services?

There is no fee to receive services from Children First. We are a not-for-profit agency and a registered charity.

Who can make a referral?

A caregiver/legal guardian can make a referral directly to our agency by calling 519-250-1850.

We also receive referrals from schools, child care centres, doctors, specialists and community partners. However, if a referral is made by anyone other than the parent or legal guardian, Children First will contact the parent or legal guardian to confirm acceptance of our services.

Where will services be provided?

We believe children learn best in their natural settings.  This may include your home, in a child care centre, or an Ontario EarlyON Centre.

Can you provide services in a child care centre?

We will work with you, your child and the child care centre staff as a team.

How can I make a complaint?

If an issue or concern comes up during our service:

Please talk about it directly with the staff person to whom it relates, as soon as possible, so that it may be resolved.
If the issue or concern is not resolved, you or the staff person to whom it relates may request a phone call or meeting with the staff person’s supervisor. You can expect that the supervisor will begin to address the issue/concern within 7 days of the discussion that you have with him or her.
If you feel your issue/concern is not being addressed to your satisfaction, you are always welcome to put it in writing. In any case, Children First will work toward a solution with input from management as appropriate.
If you feel that the steps above have not resolved your concern, you may contact our Executive Director.
Children First Board of Directors may also be contacted if your concern has not been resolved having gone through the steps identified above.