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The below groups are available for caregivers who reside in Windsor-Essex, Ontario:


FRIENDS Resilience

An 8-week program for children and caregivers. 

This Program is intended to help children between 4 and 6 years old better manage their emotions, cope with stress and worry, develop healthy problem solving skills, and have positive relationships with others. This is achieved by providing concurrent groups for children and caregivers. Both groups focus on providing developmentally sensitive and appropriate strategies for children. Some of the topics covered in the group include feeling identification, relaxation, changing red thoughts into green thoughts, and learning to do things one step at a time, all with the goal of promoting a child’s resiliency and fostering their social and emotional development.



Circle of Security

An 8-week parenting program. 

Circle of Security Parent Training (COS-PT) is an evidence-informed, psycho-educational group focused on enhancing the caregiver-child relationship.  Different from traditional approaches, where specific behaviour techniques are taught, COS-PT offers relationship tools that provide a new way of understanding your child and their behaviours. COS-PT will support the creation of a lasting secure relationship for your child and will bring you more satisfaction in your relationship with them.



Zoom Rooms

A one hour virtual session.

Zoom Rooms are one hour virtual sessions that cover various topics such as parenting, toileting, picky eating, sleep, screentime and school transition. Participants will be provided with the most current information on parenting and developmental topics. Participants will be provided practical information and tangible tools to implement based on their specific situation. Following the presentation participants will have time for questions and answers with the facilitators.