Your Individual Family Plan

As the parent/caregiver of your child, we know that you are the greatest observer of your child’s development. Your Primary Partner will work with you to develop an Individual Family Plan based on your family’s strengths, needs, and goals. This plan may include other services including speech and language therapy, social work, occupational therapy and psychology. Your plan will consider the “F-words”:

  • Function: What your child can do and what he/she might do differently.
  • Family: You know your child best. We will listen to you and work as partners.
  • Fitness: Every child needs to be fit and healthy as they grow.
  • Friends: Friendships and a sense of belonging are important.
  • Fun: Children learn and grow through play.
  • Future: Together we will set the foundation for tomorrow.

For more information about the F-words please visit: F-Words in Childhood Development | CanChild


If it is determined that your child or family’s needs are best addressed by another community service provider, with your consent, we will assist you in accessing those services with a warm-handoff to ensure a seamless transition of services.