Children First in Essex County partners with families and the community to provide individualized support for children (birth to 6 years) with developmental and/or mental health challenges, helping them reach their full potential through early identification, education, and clinical intervention.


Children First is a leader in providing services where:

  • All children and families are supported to help them reach their full potential;
  • Children are supported to feel a sense of inclusion and belonging in the community;
  • Relationships are nurtured with families, partner organizations and the community to assist children who have developmental and/or mental health challenges;
  • Timely and tailored supports are provided by professional staff who use innovative evidence-based practices.


We believe in:

  • Supporting the child’s best interest, recognizing that family relationships are the foundation for growth and learning
  • Providing timely, flexible services that support children to reach their potential
  • Promoting continuous learning, innovation and evidence-based services among our valued staff
  • Honouring our partners and committing to work together to address the unique and evolving needs of children, families and the community
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