woman holding babySome of these may include:

  • disruptive or acting out behaviour: aggressiveness,  impulsiveness and non-compliance
  • difficulty listening or paying attention, constantly on the move
  • worried, anxious or depressed presentation
  • difficulty getting along with other children or managing transitions
  • significant problems with everyday activities such as eating and sleeping

Mental health services for young children and their families comprise a wide range of preventive and treatment interventions.  Building safe and secure, nurturing and dependable relationships to primary caregivers/caring adults is critically important to a young child’s social and emotional development and competence and their ongoing ability to develop healthy relationships. Services emphasize early identification of child and family strengths and needs and the provision of evidence informed services.

Prevention services are designed to foster resiliency and build social and emotional competence.

Specific services include:

  • social skills groups for children ages 3 to 6 in conjunction with our COPE parenting program
  • commencing in the Fall of 2013, an anxiety prevention and treatment group for children and an education group for their parents.
  •  individual and seminar/ group Triple P parenting sessions.
  • Working with parents to model  and teach positive strategies that they can practice at home with their child

Treatment/intervention services include:

  • comprehensive and individualized child and family assessment.
  • flexible individual and group treatment interventions.

Services are provided in the family’s home, in the community and at the agency. office and may involve consultation or active collaboration with other service providers such as the child’s school or child care setting, or the Children’s Aid Society. Services are terminated when treatment goals have been met, or the child reaches age six and is transitioned to school or other community mental health services such as the Regional Children’s Centre.

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